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Karl Eschenbach - Best in Show, 2012 and Beyond, Infinity Art Gallery
Best in Show - Karl Eschenbach,
Alas Poor William, Digital art
2012 and Beyond: Charting the Future
March 15, 2012 - June 15, 2012
Curated by Flavia S. Zúñiga-West

Don Bergland, Mahfuzul Hasan Bhuiyan, Marlon Paul Bruin, John Clowder, Laurie Curtin, Karl Eschenbach, Zoran Ljubojevic, Maya Just Maya, Lona Moody, Aiba Takanori, Sander Terbruggen, Shea Wilkinson
T he uncharted future is tomorrow. Despite schedules and plans, the day’s outcome is unknown. It is the beauty of not knowing what tomorrow or 20 years from now brings where undreamt innovations become realities that propel human existence.

We have structured a linear timeline to differentiate yesterday from today from tomorrow. We anticipate the following day, predict its outcome, and dream of places to explore, people we have yet to meet, and creations we have yet to make. It is in being able to dream and mold tomorrow that made computers, Kindles, and cell phones morph from being figments of imagination in science fiction novels to everyday necessities.

The majority of early, prolific science fiction novels of the 20th century did not go beyond 2001, and 2012 has been dubbed the ‘ End of Days’ by the predictions of Nostradamus and Mayan calendars.
However, actualizing our future can occur in infinite ways, from novels, to conversations to art. 2012 and Beyond: Charting the Future focuses on speculations for the future and exploring worlds, technologies & movements we have yet to create. It approaches science
fiction through the lens of speculative fiction, observing technology and environments that evolved from dreams into reality.
John Clowder , 3rd Place - 2012 and Beyond, Infinity Art Gallery
2nd Place - John Clowder, Gene Play
Gouache, Collage, Mixed Media
The 12 artists in this exhibition have provoked us to see past predictions and into the future through an international lens. From Bangladesh, Japan, The United States, Italy, and Canada, we view the possibilities in the universe, from artificial intelligence, planetary life cycles, and cityscapes of the future, extraterrestrial breeding and spaceships. They frighten, tantalize and speculate what tomorrow could bring.

The three prize winners of this exhibition, through various mediums—digital art, collage, and sculpture—conjure anticipation, instigate ethical dilemmas, and provoke discussion of our unknown future. 2012 and Beyond is proud to celebrate the work of Best in Show winner: Karl Eschenbach; 2nd place winner: John Clowder; and 3rd Place winner: Aiba Takanori.
Aiba Takanori, 2nd Place, 2012 and Beyond - Infinity Art Gallery
3rd Place - Aiba Takanori,
Hawaiian Pineapple Resort, Steel, mixed media
Award Winners
Best in Show

Karl Eschenbach
Alas, Poor William
Digital Art on velvet fine art paper

Alas, Poor William is haunting. Eschenbach’s digital work startles his viewer and instigates existentialist dilemmas of artificial intelligence and how their creation and distribution would complicate, threaten, and obscure the meaning of humanity. Eschenbach’s title is poignant, referencing Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the mortality of human existence. His subject, a fleshless, metal cyborg, stands in an industrial environment gazing at a human skull, unable to fathom our corporeal existence.

Science fiction novels and films flood the viewer’s mind such as Phillip K. Dick’s novel, Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep with the Tyrell Corporation’s slogan “ more human, than human,” provokes intense personal reflection and fear.
2nd Place

John Clowder
Gene Play
Collage, Mixed media

John Clowder’s work is witty, absurd, and intriguing. Gene Play conjures anticipation of the misuse and use of genetic modification. Clowder’s piece addresses the science of genetics and juxtaposes the rigid system of inheritance with a playful depiction of geometric shapes, concrete blocks, and animals. With the advent of genetic engineering, splicing, and cloning, Gene Play critiques the supposedly systematic order of genes which is no longer true, as science has allowed us to reshape genes on a whim.
3rd Place

Aiba Takanori
Hawaiian Pineapple Resort
Steel with mixed media

Takanori is a master craftsman who utilizes the medium of the bonsai tree and asks his viewer to contemplate the role of popular culture in our everyday life. His work is original, precise, and captivating. Warholian in his use of Hawaiian pineapple brand, Takanori fuses the cultural traditions and aesthetics of bonsai with pop art, asking his viewer to consider a future where we live and vacation in consumer products.

Taking into the account of the methodical and precise art of bonsai trimming, his work deftly presents a future where consumerism has consumed contemplation and product has consumed individual expression. The future is defined not by our accomplishments but rather the products that in it.
Infinity Art Gallery honors two artists with the awards and reflections from our Founder, Charly Swing, and our Director, Julie Weismann. 2012 and Beyond is pleased to announce the Founder’s Choice award winner: Don Bergland; and Director’s Choice award winner: Shea Wilkinson.

Flavia S. Zúñiga-West
Los Angeles , 2012

“Don Bergland's vision for "Ministry of Destiny" was appropriately created as a digital image. The viewer is invited to wonder whose is the mysterious hand pulling back the luscious curtain for the performance where the only version of humanity on this stage of life is a disconnected and encapsulated replication of a child human peering out at the curious rats, and attempting to engage only through a monitor. Captivating and wonderfully eerie.”

~ Charly Swing
Founder, Infinity Art Gallery
Shea Wilkinson, Director
Director’s Choice Award ~ Shea Wilkinson, Mission Europa, Fabric and Acrylic
“Wilkinson’s quilting is outstanding. With intricate patterns and skilled technique of free motion quilting, she uses the sewing machine to depict visual narratives and explore documentations of close encounters. Her detailed work is entrancing and unique.”

~ Julie Weismann
Director, Infinity Art Gallery
Don Bergland, Founder
Founder’s Choice Award ~ Don Bergland
Ministry of Destiny, Digital Giclee
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