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Animal Arts Award Winners 2010
Award Winners

Congratulations to these talented artists!

Award winners and finalists are from all over the world and truly represent the outstanding quality of Animal artwork available.

Enjoy their art!

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Best in Show - Linda Massey

Magnificent Seven
is powerful and captivating, drawing me in at every glance. By using a limited color palette and her masterful use of light and shadows, Linda has created the illusion of depth with a subtlety that is truly outstanding. Through thoughtful use of composition and attention to detail she has managed to capture different emotions on each of the seven beautiful dogs. Happiness, eagerness & curiosity just to name a few. Congratulations Linda on such a beautiful work on art.
Juror - Paul Miners

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1st Place -
Martin Aveling

Storm Brewing not only has a very strong and stunning composition, it also keeps the viewer mesmerized by the eye of the bird which looks directly at you, yet seems to look beyond and inside everything at the same time. The subtle play of color harmony and the great drawing add to the superb, majestic overall impact of this painting. A very strong work indeed.
Juror - Sabina Haas
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2nd Place -
Patsy Lindamood

With masterful draftsmanship and superb handling of the pastel medium, Lindamood creates a painting that goes far beyond technical skill. The classical flow of composition, the subdued harmony of colors and atmospheric light play a supporting role to the emotional power of Pondering Diminishing Options.  This piece records a fleeting moment of an endangered species with a feeling of grace and magnificence. With strokes so lovingly rendered, no portrait has ever portrayed a more sublime respect for it’s subject.
Juror - Rita Kirkman

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3rd Place -
Susan Adams

"Reclyning Jaguar" captures vibrant jungle life with mischievously curious monkeys, abundantly colorful foliage, and a luxuriously commanding jaguar.  This painting is reminiscent of Frida Kahla who, like Susan Adams, lived in the heat of the of the jungle with the howl of the monkeys.  Unlike Frida who took center stage in her paintings while being surrounded by her pet monkeys, Susan’s Reclyning Jaguar shows only the remains of human decadence while the beauty and power of nature prevails.   Founder - Charly Swing
Founder's Choice
Chaney Trotter

Decadent Shelter is an austere Vanitas still-life, pantry style painting that explicitly and morbidly displays death and decay along side a simple reference to naïve humanity. Through this oil painting Chaney Trotter reminds us of the transience of life as humans vainly seek shelter and futile pleasures that ensure cyclical death. ~C. Swing

Director's Choice
Dana Hawk

Milo is portrayed by Dana Hawk in a frontal pose showing the obvious characteristics of a basset hound who appears to be posing patiently for the artist who is commissioned to paint the patron’s pampered pet.  The only hint of Milo’s body shape is the masterfully and humorously elongated shape of the canvas featuring Queen Anne wallpaper in the background. ~J. Weismann

Director's Choice
James Kish

As I looked at Orangutan looking back at me, I found that the line blurred - who is the primate? and who is human? His expression is one so familiar, that we could easily be laying in the hay together talking.
~M. Hansen

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