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Best in Show
Eszter Bornemisza


Art Quilt Exhibit

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Award Winners

1st Place
Hilde Morin


3rd Place
Jae McDonald


Juror's Comments:
Morin's Barrio de Tango literally vibrates with energy and invites us to participate in the life of this global village. The combination of strong composition, technical excellence and a clear command of the color palette makes this piece dynamic and encourages the viewer to explore the nooks and crannies again and again. The enduring hillside scene will remain timeless making this art quilt an enduring piece. T. Hassler

With “
The Coup Stick”, Susan Strickland creates an expressive, vibrant (yet surprisingly contemplative) and compelling glimpse of a fascinating and once powerful tradition. Time, place and cultural boundaries are transcended with issues of identify, heritage, ethnic pride and dispossession subtly addressed. Its beauty attracts viewers. The social commentary engages them. G. Magee

Mending Fences is a forceful piece unafraid to embrace the power of red. This work contains a message of unity with respect to individuality and by first getting our attention with the heat of color, the composition then takes over and leads us thru the discovery of the power of human interaction, the subtlety of individuality and our responsibility to keep mending fences. As viewers we understand the importance and urgency of this global call to action. T. Hassler

Founder's Choice
Tove Pirajá Hansen


Gallery Director's
Diane Marie Chaudiere


Art Director's
Tiziana Tateo


Director's Comments:
Love Song, by Tove Pirajá Hansen, is pure poetic form that expresses movement, vibrancy and passion. The piece is powerful and we are excited to see the quilted medium explored as a 3 dimensional, abstract expression.

River Pearls is a powerful combination of white fibers and raw edges within and beyond the square, creating an elegant expression that speaks to the Mother heart with peace and calming power. One is truly swept up in that sun glistening river.

Each exhibit there is a piece of artwork that compels me to visit over and over again. Chaudiere's
Connections is aptly named, as it is my connection to the piece that reveals today's interpretation. Yesterday, it was closing the lost connection of friendship. Today, I see my favorite beach soothing my soul. I invite you see your Connections.
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