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Digital Arts Exhibit 2010


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Best in Show - Sara G. Umemoto

Fibonacci's Garden is a gorgeous image. Umemoto uses various forms of the spiral as her dominant motif, referencing the Fibonacci Sequence (Golden Ratio) which plays an important role in nature, art and architecture. I like everything about this piece: its subject matter, its composition and its palette. I enjoy the play between Umemoto's photographic elements and her digitally rendered patterns, the thematic repetition of nautilus forms, and the subtle atmospheric effects within a shallow space. Umemoto is a digital master; her technique is flawless.~ Virginia Saunders
1st Place - Manon Gosselin

The Bird Lady
is a jewel of an illustration, rich in color and implied narrative. Gosselin's unusual color scheme and the repetition of circular forms leads the viewer's eye around composition, almost like a treasure hunt. It's a compelling image, executed by a master of her craft.~ V. Saunders

2nd Place - James Ketover

Extracted Momentum
displays the sublime feeling of movement on a two dimensional surface. By using digital processes to achieve this sensibility he has used the best properties of the digital world to create a physical sense of movement on the flat surface of a plane. It is captivating, pulsating and more than real.
~ Mary Hale Visser

3rd Place - Shifra Levyathan

Colorful Neglect uses the freedom that Photoshop offers to image-makers. She creates a digital image that at once appears entirely photographic in its realism, but on the other hand leaves nothing to chance in its composition. We can see the grid, the repetition of forms and colors played out in a rhythmical scheme detailing the hustle and bustle she is after to define an urban neighborhood bounded by walls. ~ M. Visser
Founder's Choice
Sushila Oliphant

Symbolism is successful in its balance and harmony – inspiring a meditative and contemplative space that is truly Zen-like, reflecting the magic and mystery of life in this world and beyond.~ C. Swing

Gallery Director's
Sara Twitty

Up to the Octopus in the Sky is a wonderfully playful, perfectly colored, and skillfully executed piece. Twitty captures the whimsical quality of the octopus that has always intrigued me. ~J. Weismann

Art Director's
Don Jacobson

Ice Cathedral draws me in, as if walking into a sacred place, celebrating the diversity of nature - the depth of which seems to reflect our ever changing Mother Nature. Every time I view this piece, I see something more. ~M. Hansen

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