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Spring Expo 2010 Award Winners - Infinity Art Gallery
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Founder's Choice Award Winner

Kelly Kellogg

1st Place Winners

Juror's Comments:
Hill's "Swimmin' with Susan"- In the hot summer, Susan is swimming within the waves of layers of sunshine. The cool water in the pool is reflecting the sunlight like a mirror to show the heat from the sun. We are about to jump in the scene looking down on the brightness of the water. You squint your eyes. Is Susan your friend? Your wife? Or someone else? It doesn’t really matter; you are about to enjoy the fun summer! The most appealing thing in this painting is the difference in textures: the surface of the flowing water, Susan’s wet skin, and her bathing suit. The artist successfully captured the moment of people’s summer life in beautiful rhythms of waves, heat of the sun, and coolness of the water. K. Kanayama
"Gaggle" - This piece has the ability to provoke an emotional response. The gracefully bent wooden ribbons form a group of interesting repeating shapes which tend to animate the viewer's fantasy. To me this sculpture stood out for its innovative style, pleasing esthetics and the high level of craftsmanship. Len's work shows a lot of originality in style. R. Reutimann
"Cover" compels viewers to look closer and to question the intent of the imagery. The staged structure uses symbolic elements to connect the landscape to gender and sexuality. The undulating forms hidden beneath the texture conceal relationships questioned by the artist, and provide us with a feeling of mystery and spirituality. M. Wanless

2nd Place Winners

Juror's Comments:
Kirkman's "Bride's Maid"- Under the warm sunlight, admiration toward the bride is shown in her gentle smile. A young bridesmaid wears a simple dress and a blooming flower crown on her head. Her youth is harmonizing the spring color in the background. The whole scene is in a similar color scheme that is yellow. The contrast between the relatively cool shade and the yellow light suggests her sentimental youth and the festive atmosphere around her. Beautiful harmony of light and shade is played out in this scene. K. Kanayama
"Essence" - This is a skillfully sculpted female torso in a simplified representational style. Kim somewhat stylized the human form which sometimes can be more challenging to achieve a convincing result and requires solid knowledge of anatomy and a good eye for proportions. Nicely executed with an interesting unique patina. R. Reutimann
"Scaping 8" examines the body as a landscape, using alternative process to provide abstraction, texture, color. The manipulation of body and earth are symbolically repeated through the hands-on techniques used in rendering the image. M. Wanless

3rd Place Winners

Juror's Comments:
Chapman's "Always Make Time For Impromptu Leapfrog"- This eye-pulling piece is characterized by an interesting composition. First, this clearly outlined woman’s body suggests the stillness of the figure. It is not in motion. However, the vibrant red background and her physical gesture suggest an action…an action of leaping. This combination of stillness and mid-action feeling may remind you of a stopped-action photograph. When a human figure is taken out of its environment and put into a plain scene, it becomes mystical. The gesture starts to speak more by itself. Is she leaping away from something? Or is she leaping for something? Leaping maybe a metaphor of human psychology. This piece definitely explains how the design or the composition helps the viewer to have more possible interpretation on the piece. K. Kanayama
"Stepmother" - I was drawn to this playful and whimsical stoneware figure. I found it to be original in its concept with symbolism that leaves much room for interpretation. It is expressive, creative and pleasant in composition and execution. R. Reutimann
"Cables" documents the act of transitioning between living spaces. Feelings of solitude and emptiness dominate. The strong composition of asymmetrical balance, line, and focus draw attention to the elements of "what remains." M. Wanless
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