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Summer Expo 2010


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Best in Show - Powell Dueñas

The strong composition of Dawned cleverly works the eye of the viewer supported by skillful drafting and limited color palette making this work exceptional. Looking up, the young man's face pulls the viewer in, demanding eye contact. At first glance he seems angry or challenging but there is something else behind his expression. Instinctively, the viewer searches for more information. Are his fists clenched? No, his hands and arms are relaxed and by his side. In fact, his whole body looks relaxed; his feet are bare indicating vulnerability. The eye falls into the young man’s shadow lying there on the ground, soft and somehow sad. The shadow’s head is tilted up a bit from this angle directing the viewer into the calm quiet surrounding him. Finally, once again we return to his face, which is still staring up at us with a powerful expression. Juror - Jacquelyn Smith
1st Place - William Harrison
I don't think anything takes my breath away more than the perfection of values. Charcoal is a fabulous medium but seldom mastered. I believe William Harrison has come close to the standards of the masters with his drawing of Mowhawk Man. The composition of the subject, (not needing to get every last hair into the drawing during the crop) impresses me as it keeps the focus on the fabulous expression of the subject himself.

The detail is phenomenal. How can one not appreciate the textures. Harrison’s ability to represent everything from stubble to leather to the softness of the moustache and imperfections in the skin is remarkable and appreciated as a viewer. My eye keeps snapping back to the focus on those sunglasses, under which those eyes are staring at me. I know he sees me.
Juror - H. Broadfoot

2nd Place - Richard A. Moore, III
3-D anthropomorphized objects date back more than 30,000 years, demonstrating a deep-seated need to express and acknowledge the darker side of human emotion. Within this tradition, “Octohandy” is an exceptionally well executed sculpture, beautifully rendered in bronze. Mr. Moore’s piece is humorous, whimsical, and nightmarish at the same time. It seems to come alive due to the high level of realism and implied movement. The numerous hands realistically reaching, grasping, and exploring, animate the piece. Indeed, one might even be reluctant to come within it’s reach. But is it really an evil creature, or merely curious? Perhaps it may even be a useful friend, with many hands ready to assist. Only our dreams may tell us which.
Juror - Martin Fahlen

3rd Place - Don Jacobson
"My Day for Dishes" brings us all to familiar territory, putting a smile on our lips. The photograph is wonderfully composed, as is the sculpture created by the talented balancing act of the stacking of the dishes themselves. No-one wants to dry something that air can dry by itself! It is poetic.

Don Jacobson, as he himself puts it, has found through his mastery of photography, unexpected and unnoticed detail. This photograph shares with us, his 'found' treasures. The use of black and white takes us back to days without dishwashers, in fact, to the kitchen of Ralph and Alice Cramdon, where life is simple and there are chores to be done.

This photograph tells a story. What more can you ask.
Juror - Helen Broadfoot
Founder's Choice
Dan Simoneau


Waiting, invokes Norman Rockwell’s talent to capture an everyday scene, make time stand still, and transform
it into a classic American moment.
~Charly Swing

Gallery Director's
Cecilia Watson


Shy Boy, is beautifully composed. Watson masterfully conveys the title of
this piece through this little guy's eyes
and expression. I can feel myself
squatting down attempting to coax
him out from behind those safe legs.
~Julie Weismann

Art Director's
Don Luper

O’s First, features a sensuous, captivating, and whimsical figure which appears to be a Koshari Kachina wearing human skin. Luper brings his subject to life while drawing the viewer in to this large and beautifully executed
charcoal drawing.
~Charly Swing

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