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Winter Expo 2010 Exhibit
Grand Opening: Jan. 1, 2010

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Founder's Choice Award Winner

Jacek Jurczynski


1st Place Winners

Juror's Comments:
McCord's "Funny Pages" grabs my attention and keeps it. I find myself captured by her ability to achieve textures and precision of detail with watercolor paint. Her use of light and shadows are brilliantly executed. This painting is tightly constructed although, at the same time, loose and playful. What a wonderful way to honor her mother. K. Mosley
"Detroit 1" - Composition and palette conspire to create a mood in this large oil painting. The artist uses modified complements and nuances of texture to achieve balance and depth, inspiring an immediate response in the viewer. R. West
"Marbles" - Wow, I didn’t loose my marbles, I found this incredible painting. I was really attracted to the artist’s ability to capture the vibrancy of the various colors, yet giving the marbles the transparency they need to read as glass. A wonderful visual treat for the eye. The painting had a very good sense of dimension and depth. I almost felt like I could pick them up and start playing. J. Krawczyk

2nd Place Winners

Juror's Comments:
Bond's "By The Hour" pulled me into a moment in time, where people sharing space in close proximity, can be so disconnected. The social statement this composition offers, gives voice to the average person on the street, calling me to tell stories from each person's face. Kaleeka's drawing is beautifully rendered and her technique is masterful. K. Mosley
"untitled I" - The artist has used energetic lines and strokes to imply movement in this deceptively simple small acrylic painting, so that it seems to become large and full. R. West
"Otter Pool" - The first thing that struck me about this painting was the design. I love the overall composition. I also particularly liked the sense of light and shadow. The white boat in the shadow of the mountain is a perfect visual surprise and really draws me into the scene. And the execution of the light on the water is wonderful. It reminds me of places from my childhood. J. Krawczyk

3rd Place Winners

Juror's Comments:
Reutimann's "XLIV" - As the figurative juror, it was easy to recognize the consistent and finely tuned skill of Roger Reutimann's XLIV. Depicting a figure, in 3-dimensional form, that we're all so familiar with, Roger had to be flawless. His attention to detail along with creating a sense of pride was beautifully achieved. K. Mosley
Roberts Leach's
"Untitled II" - The photographer's special vision has created dynamic tension in this unmanipulated large photograph and focuses our attention on the intriguing mystery of ordinary surroundings. R. West
"Barrett House Meadow" - This work has a real “Old Masters” quality. I really like the impressionistic style. It reminds me of a cross between Monet and Van Gogh. The work has a very good sense of depth, and I can almost see the clouds moving across the sky, which must have made it difficult to capture as a plein air work of art. A very nice command of pastels! J. Krawczyk
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