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Infinity Art Gallery - Whimsical Exhibit
Grand Opening: Feb. 15, 2010

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Juror's Comments:

1st Place
- The Traveler, by Rhonda Kay Norman
At a cursory glance this piece is about a young child playing around on a scooter, but this traveler takes you back in time, reminding us of the innocent doll faced explorer within each of us and taking us back to when we collected whatever conglomeration of parts and gears we could find and with pure imagination created masterpiece adventures, even when the scooter was an ax head. Rhonda Kay Norman is an excellent visual storyteller.

2nd Place
- Death by Chocolate, by Philip R. Jackson
A beautifully executed atelier style oil still life with classically dramatic lighting and at the center of it all is a piece of chocolate. It appears the red frog died from indulgence and still the blue frog is tempted with desire. Pure dark and dry fable style humor, wryly making a statement on our human condition.

3rd Place
- Lizard Cave, by Allan Wayne Baker
Is a whimsical glimpse into a lizard’s dwelling. Everything in this multi media piece is a work of art, from the Miro Style painting, to the way the artist displays the tools of his trade, to the lizard himself in a typically statuesque pose. Clean, crisp and comical.


Founder's Choice Award
Jewls Anderson

Founder's Choice - Aqua Circus, by Jewls Anderson
Anderson’s experience as a paper collage artist serves her well as a digital collage artist. Her collection of beautifully composed, unrelated images creates a magical underwater circus world you feel like you can walk into, be silly, have fun and get lost.
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