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Black and White Expo
Award Winners
August 1, 2014 ~ February 1, 2015

William Ishmael, Best in Show, Black and White 2014 Expo, Infinity Art Gallery
Best in Show ~ William Ishmael
Winged Victory ~ 24” x 48”

Winged Victory successfully evokes a glorified past without glossing over (pardon the pun) the distance between that time and our present day. By combining the Japanese principle of finding beauty in imperfection with allusions (figural and titular) to the celebrated ruins of Greek statuary, William Ishmael creates a beautiful fusion of time, culture, and the destructive forces of each. With deceptively simple figures, this work reminds us that damaged is not synonymous with obsolete or ugly. Quite the opposite.

— Juror: Maggie Witt

Exhibit Finalists:

Rhiannon Bell ~ Marie Bergstedt ~ Tom Campenhout ~ A M Clark ~ Ronnie Cramer
Jodi Dann ~ Ya-Ping Fan ~ Jack Flaherty ~ Mark Franklin ~ Ronald Freeman
Carol Harrison ~ William Ishmael ~ Robert Kamnatnik ~ Aytül Kayhan ~ Mirka Knaster
Dawn Labelle ~ William Leung ~ Shifra Levyathan ~ Greta Lindbloom-Carlton
Gwen Lowery ~ Neal McDannel ~ Kim Mosley ~ L. Mraz ~ Paula Pohli ~ Jan Rickman
Sibel Sancar ~ Cody Smith ~ Erella Teitler ~ Yosuke Terada ~ Alan Thexton
Mars Tokyo ~ Charles Wallis ~ Eunnye Yang
Carol Harrison, 2nd Place Award, Black and White Show 2014, Infinity Art Gallery
2nd Place Award:
Carol Harrison
Letters From The Past
11” x 14”

It often strikes me how compatible art and print media are. The development of overarching message, dominant design, layout, and even issues of size and color dominate both disciplines. But most importantly, fine art and printing equally demonstrate the primacy of narrative to
their intended audiences. Carol Harrison does justice to the interwoven purposes of these mediums, using the theme of black and white effectively to identify their visual and narrative commonalities; her painting reminds the viewer that printing is the result of pigment on support, just as the canvas is covered with paint. This honors not only the media, but the black and white theme as worthy of our notice. — Juror: Maggie Witt
3rd Place Award:
Greta Lindbloom-Carlton
The Last Western Black Rhinoceros
20” x 14.25”

I was drawn to this artwork mainly because it was one of the very few I found difficult to look at. There is something deeply disturbing about Greta Lindbloom-Carlton's painting: the Diego Rivera-esque figures, paired with the small hint of red and staring white eye of the rhinoceros force the viewer to confront some very uncomfortable truths. And at the end of the day, it is a remarkable achievement to trigger this kind of visceral response, one worthy of praise.
— Juror: Maggie Witt
Greta Lindbloom-Carlton, 3rd Place, Black and White 2014 Expo, Infinity Art Gallery
Sibel Sancar, Honorable Mention, Black and White 2014 Expo, Infinity Art Gallery
Honorable Mention:
Sibel Sancar
1932 x 1570 pixels

I firmly believe in the subjectivity of abstract artwork. An abstract, to me, is most successful when the artist's title and the work's flow, color, and line fuse seamlessly to communicate without figural or textual narrative. Sibel Sancar's work visualizes the notion of grief to me--its fragility, its variations, and its defiant refusal to submit to rational thought. To grieve is to be lost without defined boundaries or timeframe, and Sancar illustrates this with tragic accuracy.
— Juror: Maggie Witt
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