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Fiber Arts Exhibit
Award Winners
September 15, 2014 ~ March 15, 2015

Best in Show
Merle Axelrad
Sierra Water
58” x 34”

I could not believe, at first, that Sierra Water was a fiber collage. The painterly treatment of the scene, the sheen of the water's reflection and the sharpness of the rocks' contours and shadows--all these things belonged, in my unenlightened mind, to the world of paint and canvas. Ms. Axelrad has proven to me how fiber can meet and even exceed the greatest accomplishments of other, perhaps more "conventional" media.

— Juror: Maggie Witt

Merle Axelrad, Best in Show,  Fiber Arts 2014, Infinity Art Gallery
Exhibit Finalists:

Merle Axelrad ~ J Lee Bagan ~ Dana Baldwin ~ Nancy Bardach ~ Alice Beasley
Bob Craig ~ Donna Crispin ~ Rebecca Koontz ~ Brigitte Kopp ~ Bonnie Kuhr
Gay Lasher ~ Sandra Little ~ Gwen Lowery ~ Kathleen Malvern
Susan Purney Mark ~ Rachel McGovern ~ Arina Ioana Muntean
Sylvia Naylor ~ Elaine Quehl ~ Wen Redmond ~ Linda Robertus
Eldrid Schafer ~ Beth Schnellenberger ~ Martha Shade
Tiziana Tateo ~ Deborah Weir
Wen Redmond, 2nd Place Award, Fiber Arts 2014, Infinity Art Gallery
2nd Place Award:
Wen Redmond
First Light
35” x 48”

Without a high-resolution computer screen
I don't think I would have seen just how intricate and nuanced First Light is. The veins of stitching that guide the viewer's gaze around the composition which echo the thin branches of the trees make this both evocative and compositionally exceptional.

— Juror: Maggie Witt

3rd Place Award:
Brigitte Kopp
What Do You Fear?
47” x 36”

Portraiture has always held a special place in my heart. How artists convey such strong emotion in the contours and creases of a face fascinates me. I fell in love with
What Do you Fear? not only because of the technical skill it demonstrates, but because it conveys without sentiment or stereotype the many faces fear can wear, and the sense of isolation one feels when truly afraid.

— Juror: Maggie Witt

Brigitte Kopp, 3rd Place,  Fibers Arts 2014, Infinity Art Gallery
Tiziana Tateo, Honorable Mention, Fiber Arts 2014, Infinity Art Gallery
Honorable Mention:
Tiziana Tateo
Arsenic and Old Lace
36" x 22"

There is a great whimsy in Ms. Tateo's work, both in her treatment of fiber and her interpretation of a classic literary title. The mix of gaudy silvers and simulated lace veil over the face was both amusing and provocative, playing with the hidden glamour poison can represent.
— Juror: Maggie Witt
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