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Figurative Expo 2013
Award Winners
October 5, 2013 - January 5, 2014

Best in Show, Tony Luciani, Figurative Art Expo 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
Best in Show
Tony Luciani
Wonder Woman
24” x 14”

I chose the painting "Wonder Woman" because the image stayed with me days after I first saw it. The piece is incredibly well painted, but more than that, I felt like I was being shown a story. It was a specific and unique one, but in the model's face, I saw a shared narrative. This woman has a scar and no hair - artifacts of a big event. Many of us have intense experiences at some point in our lives, but they are not always physically apparent. So I chose this painting not because of the specifics of this woman's story, although they are very compelling, but because of her raw and beautifully honest expression of vulnerability and resilience. — Juror: Aleah Chapin
Exhibit Finalists:

Susan Adams ~ Pat Berrett ~ Maggie Dillon ~ Karen Esler-Taylor
Erika Farkas ~ Carol Foerster ~ Jose M. Gomez-Ros
Melita Gwerkova ~ Lucas James ~ Patricia Kennedy-Zafred
Taehyub Lee ~ Tony Luciani ~ Dan McCormack ~ Neal McDannel
Shawna Munro ~ Emerson Myers ~ Ramya Navaneethan
Tomas Och ~ Eric Petz ~ Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar ~ Hilary Schmidt
Jason Sollman ~ Richard Thorpe ~ Roseline Young
2nd Place Award:
Neal McDannel
Voyage on the Surry
18” x 24”

"Voyage on the Surry" transported me to another time and place and I was shown a single moment. We are made very aware of this moment and how it sits between a million more like it but never exactly the same. The artist has chosen to examine - in great detail - this exact sliver of a day, in a year, in a life. This is what art does, it captures and expands slices of our everyday experiences and convinces us of the magic in the ordinary.
— Juror: Aleah Chapin
2nd Place Award: Neal McDannel, Figurative Art Expo 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
3rd Place: James Lucas, Figurative Art Expo 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
3rd Place Award:
Lucas James
10” x 15”

The image "Mirage" caught my attention because I wasn't sure what it was when I first saw it. The layering that brought this image together; figure, movement, copper, reflection all filtered and coalesced through the lens of a camera and the eye of the artist. Yet the image itself, even when we are aware of it's construction, still contains a mystery. I found it a beautiful, slightly disturbing visual metaphor for how little we really know of the reality we exist in.
— Juror: Aleah Chapin
Melita Gwerkova, Founder
Founder's Choice Award:
Melita Gwerkova
Garden of Hesperides
70 x 50 cm

At first glance Melita Gwerkova's "Garden of Hesperides" is an iconic image with stylized figures. Yes, and it goes beyond the iconic tradition by being true to its pagan subject matter by showing the primary figure bare breasted and suggesting her nudity. Melita's painterly technique blurs the lines where form begins and ends, drawing form out of nature and making the spiritual element of humanity transparent. In traditional iconography the characters would be awash in an other worldly environment of a brilliantly gold leaf background, but Gwerkova chose scarlet red for this scene. The treatment of this background suggests the nymphs are in a garden, but it is flat like wallpaper, creating a play between inner and outer worlds. One might see the red background as symbolizing drama and vise, but the eye reads it as a compliment to the calm green and asks the viewer to once again contemplate the nature of things. But this is an icon, right? Where is the gold leaf? It is there, dangling like a golden apple from the tree of life - as an ornamentation on a woman. Then there is the other woman dressed conservatively and tucked quietly behind the central figure. Her gaze looks out into the world while the frontal character's gaze is more dreamy and inward. For me these two characters add the element of time and invite the viewer to engage in the allegory of this beautiful and highly symbolic painting. —Founder, Charly Swing
Director's Choice Award:
Erika Farkas
Still Looking Ahead
11” x 14”

Erika Farkas, in magnificent detail, captures the essence of inquiry—humans pondering their lives. "Still Looking Ahead" is ageless, timeless, and encouraging. I found myself in this exact same position viewing the exquisite detail of this piece. The eyes draw me in, reminding me to continue looking forward. Beautiful!
— Gallery Director: Julie Weismann
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