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The RED Show
Award Winners
January 5, 2014 ~ April 15, 2014

Best in Show
Kim Mosley
Fire Princess
48” x 24”

Kim Mosley has masterfully created the illusion of simplicity.

Viewing artwork online limits our ability to see the actual size of a piece. Fire Princess is a good example. When you realize this beautiful and peaceful profile of a woman is actually on a four foot canvas, you wish you could see it in person. Awe-inspiring.

The more I look at this piece, the more stories I see, the more history this face reveals.
Fire Princess is a supreme example of the serenity of a moment.

— Juror: MarDee Hansen

Best in Show Award: Kim Mosley, The Red Show, Infinity Art Gallery
Exhibit Finalists:

Dana Baldwin ~ Angela Bandurka ~ Michael Benevenia ~ Joe Calleri
Valencia Carroll ~ Roymieco Carter ~ Ivana Cekovic ~ Eugene Cheltenham
A M Clark ~ Sharon Collins ~ Karen Cruickshank ~ Roberta Dixon ~ Halina Domanski
Dianne Firth ~ Ritch Gaiti ~ Jose M. Gomez-Ros ~ Domenico Guddo
Eva Gustafson ~ Tana Hagen ~ Rita Kirkman ~ Lyubov Momot ~ Kim Mosley
Eugene Ogibenin ~ Mirjam Pet-Jacobs ~ Eric Petz ~ Marti Plager ~ Tony Podue
Candace Primack ~ Eldrid Schafer ~ Regula Scheifele ~ Jan Schiefelbein
Malena Selic ~ Diane Shaw ~ Toshiaki Shibuya ~ Riina Sirel ~ Cody Smith
Martin Smith ~ Mars Tokyo ~ Qing Wei ~ Karen Yee
2nd Place Award, Valencia Carroll, The Red Show, Infinity Art Gallery
2nd Place Award:
Valencia Carroll
Deep Red
8” x 8”

Great things come in small packages, and Deep Red continues in this tradition.

Valencia Carroll has created a stunning piece. The riotous color, lighting, and depth, keeps me coming back for more.

Deep Red is simply mesmerizing!

— Juror: MarDee Hansen

3rd Place Award:
Eugene Ogibenin
Ruby Red
Prints Available

The first thing I thought when I saw this piece was how well it fit the Red Show theme - it sure did brighten up my day.

Eugene Ogibenin brilliantly captures this fabulous character and suspends the moment in time, allowing
Ruby Red to come alive - moving out of the confines of the photograph.

— Juror: MarDee Hansen

3rd Place: Eugene Ogibenin, The Red Show, Infinity Art Gallery
Honorable Mention:
Lyubov Momot
Venetian Dreams Theatre
Prints Available

The eye of the Actor is peering though the shadows that fall on dank and dark old Venice. He seems to be watching me watch him.

Lyubov Momot has created a wonderful piece, where one could easily imagine that dreams are created on stage.

Which dreams will be played out next? Yours?
— Juror: MarDee Hansen
Founder's Choice Award:
James Bassett
The Strange Girl
30" x 40"

The Strange Girl by James Bassett, is a multi-media blending of word, texture and color which draws the viewer in to contemplate an abstract and obscure moment of discord that entices the imagination.

— Founder, Charly Swing

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