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Art Quilts 2013
Award Winners
July 4, 2013 - October 5, 2013

Best in Show, Yael David-Cohen, Art Quilts 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
Best in Show
Yael David-Cohen
Broken Glass
114 x 76 cm

Yael David-Cohen has masterfully produced a piece that draws the viewer in. From the fractured glass in the center, to the subdued, yet strong colors radiating out, this piece evokes a bit of mystery and seems to invite the viewer to create their own story. The placement of found objects, paint and stitching makes this a beautifully balanced piece. Very well done.  — Juror: Nancy Dobson

Broken Glass is tribal, raw, and yes, enigmatic. Yet, there is a profound question weaving its way through the viewers mind: how do we humans affect the world around us? David-Cohen has masterfully woven together the fragments and forgotten pieces of our lives; allowing us to vicariously view the world through Yael's eyes. This piece is quite superb!  — Juror: MarDee Hansen
Exhibit Finalists:

Elizabeth Bamberger, Nancy Bardach, Catherine Beard
Alice Beasley, Marianne Bender-Chevalley, Jette Clover
Sharon Collins, Yael David-Cohen, Mü┼čerref Dede
Maggie Dillon, Jayne Gaskins, Andrea Huffman
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, Liz Kuny, Gay Lasher, Marisa Marquez
Barbara McKie, Sylvia Naylor, Terry O'Brien, Wil Opio Oguta
Heather Pregger, Elaine Quehl, Wen Redmond, Jan Rickman
Linda Robertus, Beth Schnellenberger, Tiziana Tateo
Suze Termaat, Dirkje Van der Horst-Beetsma
Veronica Von Zwehl, Roseline Young, Heidi Zielinski
2nd Place Award:
Roseline Young
Blooming Rose Away from my Cheating Husband
36” x 84”

Roseline Young takes us on a journey through her torn chaotic pain and confusion, spiraling to a vibrant and balanced expression of self. I can see her power growing, swirling through the visual center, shedding the layers as it grows, lifting out of the dark experience into a brilliantly blossoming life. From release, comes joy.
— Juror: MarDee Hansen
2nd Place Award: Roseline Young, Art Quilts 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
3rd Place: Veronica Von Zwehl, Art Quilts 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
3rd Place Award:
Veronica Von Zwehl
Canyon Sunrise
42” x 60”

Sunrise and sunset, slot canyons and sagebrush are just a few of the alluring colors of the desert that shine through in this piece. The undulating shapes creatively assembled and placed, along with strong hues, lines and stitching give the viewer an awareness of how alive the desert is. Veronica Von Zwehl has done a wonderful job of sharing her view. Beautiful work.
— Juror: Nancy Dobson
Honorable Mention Award:
Wen Redmond
Leaping Point
51" x 32"

Beautiful, creative use of digital imagery. Wen Redmond has created a visual feast with this composition. Use your imagination, and you can go to many places within this image. From a secure nest to a deep, dark crevasse, the adventures are endless with this piece. Beautiful!
— Juror: Nancy Dobson
Honorable Mention Award, Wen Redmond, Art Quilts 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
Founder's Choice Award:
Tiziana Tateo
Flow of Consciousness
168 x 146 cm

In "Flow of Consciousness" Tateo courageously merges quilt making and painting, abstraction and form, technique and concept while pushing and perhaps breaking boundaries within a desired structure which may be out of reach. This piece allows the viewer to pause, be a bystander, and quietly gaze upon the chaos and chatter.

—Founder, Charly Swing

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