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Black and White Expo 2013
Award Winners
April 13, 2013 - July 4, 2013

Best in Show, Black and White Expo 2013

Best in Show
Angela Young
Self Perception
42” x 70 feet

What is a self portrait? Can you really get a sense of the person in a self portrait? Yes. The work is of the artist, by the artist. And…no. The artist chooses and edits. Young chose to show us many minute pieces of herself close up and personal in a large format of many sequential drawings. This is a piece that I really would like to experience in person. I imagine that
I would find the drawings uncomfortably personal, yet beautiful in their textures and topography. As drawings, not photographs, Young touched each mark of her own skin with graphite strokes. I would be interested in investigating the details of each with a somewhat medical curiosity. She shows us view after view of the folds and bends of her skin, her wrinkles, etc. But we really don't get a true sense of what she looks like and who she is. Like all self portraits, this artwork is still just a two dimensional representation of the artist. This piece caused me ask questions about aspects of portraiture and self perception.  — Juror: Susan Lowdermilk
Exhibit Finalists:

Cesar Acosta, Anomynous Artist, Teaner Arnold, Jim Brammer
Justin Cameron, Tom Campenhout, Tom Chesnut
Addison Coldren, Zach Collins, Celeste Cottingham
Richard Danilchak, Yael David-Cohen, Scotlin Duncan
Selma Durukano─člu, Steven Epstein, Harry Giglio, Gloria Golden
Christopher Hagen, Darren Hepburn, Alper T. ─░nce
Kenneth Kaplowitz, Erin Knisley, Phillippa Lack, Gwen Lowery
Alice Nelson (Emiko), Wil Opio Oguta, Raymond Perez
Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Debi Pickler, Youssef Rami, Louis Riso
Linda Robertus, Edward L. Rubin, Beth Schnellenberger
Sarah Schryver, Joyce Utting Schutter, Robert Stein
Tiziana Tateo, Sander Terbruggen, Gwyned Trefethen
Grietje van der Veen, Angela Young
2nd Place Award:
Gwyned Trefethen
30” x 42”

A quilt about insomnia. The media is intriguing and so appropriate. Trefethen took what is for most of us an unproductive and frustrating experience and created a beautiful art piece. That is, she depicted insomnia without focusing on the obvious, the frustration of it.
2nd Place Award: Gwyned Trefethen, Insomnia, Black and White Expo 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
The shapes reference traditional star quilts, but the design deviates from the pattern creating the sense of fractured light. I enjoy the play of lights and darks across the quilt. I can imagine the moving vehicle lights as they continue to move across the ceiling in the dim light of a sleepless night.

— Juror: Susan Lowdermilk

3rd Place: Celeste Cottingham, Nova, Black and White Expo 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
3rd Place Award:
Celeste Cottingham
13.5” x 7”

This photograph is not what it seems.
I don't know what it depicts. I can guess, but I don't care. I sense a numinous quality. I see a celestial happening. I see tiny drops of water and ice. I see micro and macro views at the same time. In this photograph I can get what it means by having the universe exist in a grain of sand.
— Juror: Susan Lowdermilk
Honorable Mention Award:
Tom Campenhout
Nude 24
150 x 150 cm

I enjoy the architectural structure and the layered sense of depth in this piece. I am intrigued by the carefully overlaid and varied marks. The abstracted figure, superimposed onto the web of marks, makes this drawing feel dreamlike to me.

— Juror: Susan Lowdermilk

Honorable Mention Award, Tom Campenhout, Nude 24, Black and White Expo 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
Founder's Choice Award:
Sarah Schryver
Into the Light
17" x 17"

"A mysterious beast of spirit, power and heart emerges from the darkness into the light" were the words that came to mind when I first contemplated Sarah Schryver's magnificent charcoal drawing. "Into the Light" epitomizes black and white as light and dark, the seen and unseen, the knowing and questioning of that which is unseen through a mere hint of that which is revealed.

—Founder, Charly Swing

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