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Award Winners - Black and White Art Expo, Infinity Art Gallery

Congratulations to these talented artists!

The jurors had a difficult time after viewing over 200 pieces of artwork from 117 different artists. So much so, that two pieces tied for 2nd Place.

Please take a moment and view these top seven artists.

Great Show Everyone!

Best in Show, Black and White Art Expo, Infinity Art Gallery
Best in Show - Don Bergland

Don Bergland's "Ideology" truly represents art of the 21st century. Not only that, this piece clearly represents the "culturally paralyzing institutional doctrine" on which Mr. Bergland hopes to comment. In this image, I see a warrior of creativity trapped by religion, digressing in his evolutionary progress. There is beauty in this dark, stormy vision. Hope lives in the wings of this warrior (angel) and the drawing leaves us to consider what is behind the curtain and draw our own conclusions. This piece is a masterful representation of the digital art form. ~Juror - Joni McClain

In our ever-changing world of electronics and gadgets, I've always been fascinated with how these technologies are impacting the art world. I have often felt there was a heavy presence of technology when looking at digital artwork--that the image was overshadowed by the process. What Don Bergland has managed to do with his work "
Ideology" is give us a beautiful blend of technology and his vision. For me, art is a road map into ourselves with each piece taking a different path. I don't describe to the public what trail I have chosen when viewing a work of art. That would be leading people and not letting them find their own path. Don's work takes me places, and that is all that needs to be said. ~Juror - Don Luper
1st Place Black and White Art Expo, Infinity Art Gallery

1st Place - Blaine Mayo

When I first came across Blaine Mayo's work "Sleep and Uncertainty" while judging the show I stopped for a long period of time to the view this piece. Honestly I couldn't put my finger on what it was that moved me so much. I then found myself coming back to the image over and over. This is what good art is about; it forced me to stop. What I find interesting is I can't bring myself to analyze it--that is to try to find the answer. I don't want to fully understand this piece. At first you don't know if it's male or female, sick and dying, sick and recovering, or just simply tired. In my opinion, ambiguity is the strongest force in art, and this piece. Even though very real, it's fogged in a cloud of ambiguity. ~Juror - Don Luper

2nd Place ~ Tom Chesnut

2nd Place, Black and White Art Expo, Infinity Art Gallery
Tom Chesnut gives us a piece to contemplate as we drift toward meditation. Timeless and universal in its appeal, "Firehole Falls 2" is the rare piece of two dimensional art that conveys powerful movement and texture. It's a masterpiece of the craft in regard to technique of exposure and processing, and its unconventional framing and composition only adds to the scope of its beauty. There's mystery here. Without knowing Firehole Falls, one wonders, "is this a photograph of a magnificent waterfall, a micro image of a small, strong moving stream or something in between? ~Juror - Joni McClain

2nd Place ~ Mark Cohen

2nd Place, Black and White Art Expo, Infinity Art Gallery
Mark Cohen's Digger Pine, Lake Natoma, California, makes great use of a reflection to create a repeated shape within a unified composition.
Excellent quality of light.
~Juror - Don Jacobson

Founder's Choice
William Ishmael

Founder's Choice Award - Black and White Art Expo, Infinity Art Gallery

William's Ishmael's Ash Enzo is a unique combination of materials that expresses the richness of a visually simple form. 
~C. Swing

Director's Choice
Madeleine Bellwoar

Director's Choice Award - Black and White Art Expo, Infinity Art Gallery

Water Element truly embodies the magic, beauty and power of water. Madeleine Bellwoar's meticulous detail of the life found in our earth's oceans, the movement of the wave, and the goddess form, is a joy to behold.
J. Weismann

Director's Choice
Edward L. Rubin

Director's Choice Award - Black and White Art Expo, Infinity Art Gallery
Edward L. Rubin's Julia, took me on a journey through a captured moment of this young girl's life. Her day to day struggles, carrying the salt of the earth on her shoulders, forcing her to live beyond her years. Yet in this moment
I see in her eyes the power she has to maintain her innocence and her compassion. I see her resilience and determination to stay in her heart, giving me hope in humanity.
~M. Hansen

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