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Day of the Dead
Voices of Our Ancestors
November 15, 2012 - February 15, 2012

Best in Show - Mayra Zamora, La Curandera , Day of the Dead  2012, Infinity Art Gallery
Best in Show
Mayra Zamora
La Curandera
In Mayra's  La Curandera, or translated to 'The Healer', one sees the living embodiment of the Day of the Dead.  

She makes me feel the whole cycle of life. The living connection with the dead, creating the power to heal.  I see the power of myself—the power of my mother and grandmother—the witch, the voodoo priestess within each of us.  
I see the power to overcome grief within this celebration of life!

— Juror: MarDee Hansen

Exhibit Finalists:

Jill Barry, Magda Bowen, Kristine Byars, Marcos Gómez,
Richard Green, Jamie Greene, Elizabeth Hendricks,
Chikiyo Jackson, Maya Just Maya, Betty Narducci, Peter OHearn, Kimber Olson, Jim Pearson, Esau Rodriguez, Shannon Toth, William Turner, Hank Tusinski, Marydorsey Wanless,
Manuela Wenger, Mayra Zamora
2nd Place Award:
Hank Tusinski
Last Tango

Hank Tusinski created the Last Tango alter with passion and spirit. Not only is it traditional, but it incorporates the honoring of children, as well as adults.

The skeletons in the throws of celebration make you want to get up and dance. The child's side is filled with offerings and imagery a parent would set. The detail is exquisite, even down to the hand-dyed lace flags.

— Juror: MarDee Hansen

2nd Place Award: Hank Tusinski, Last Tango, Day of the Dead 2012, Infinity Art Gallery
3rd Place: Shannon Toth, Dia de los Inocentes, Day of the Dead 2012, Infinity Art Gallery
3rd Place Award:
Shannon Toth
Día de los Inocentes

Día de los Inocentes is a stunning glimpse into the emotion of this day. It speaks eloquently of the love and the loss. I see the weight of this loss in the mother's eye and in her posture. Night turns to day, life continues, yet nothing remains the same. Thank you Shannon for your quiet, respectful honor of this day. Simply beautiful!

— Juror: MarDee Hansen

Founder's Choice Award:
Marydorsey Wanless

"Grandma" by Marydorsey Wanless, is a contemporary approach to the Day of the Dead which commemorates a beloved family member by honoring the story of her grandmother's body. No dancing skeleton.  No accessorized skull. This body was in disproportionate pain - a pain which seems to have made a powerful impression upon her granddaughter, yet I am struck by the detached interpretation and cultural implication.

—Founder, Charly Swing

Director's Choice Award:
William Turner
I Once Was . . .

William Turner's use of the Masaccio style in
I Once Was . . . makes this truck come alive and seem connected to the life of the skeleton. Every section of rust, multiple dents and drooping roof is perfectly detailed. Well done.

The piece so reminiscent of my grandfather and his truck—always under the hood, or as in this image—under the bumper. If he could have been buried with his truck, he would have.

— Gallery Director, Julie Weismann

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