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1st Place Award


Fret Not

Kay Kanayama, Pennsylvania, USA

Fall Expo 2009 Award Winners

Fall Expo 2009 Exhibit
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2nd Place Award

Marydorsey Wanless, Kansas, USA

4th Place Award

Entangled Passion
Kim Mosley, Hawaii, USA

3rd Place Award

The Gift
Joe Krawczyk, Florida, USA

Founder's Choice Award

Playing cards TAM CUC
Da-Giang Nguyen, Washington, USA

Gallery Director's Award

Piotr Zygmunt, Silesia, Poland

Art Director's Award

Ray Hau, Hong Kong, China

Juror ~ Clayton Price:

Lumbago – by Marydorsey Wanless
Using the Tintype process as a metaphor to record her own aging strikes me as brilliant and very gutsy. I think few would do so, even if the idea came to them. Ms Wanless writes of her excitement with new endeavors, while accepting the realities of change related to time. What a wonderful outlook!

The design, along with the color and density variations is both powerful and contemporary. There are a number of excellent photographically based pieces in this show, and as such, the decision was difficult.

Founder's Choice

Playing cards TAM CUC

Da-Giang Nguyen creates a whimsical world where the participants seem to see everything upside down. With impeccable composition, balance and color, he draws the viewer into the game by giving ample room for you to stand - or join them on the floor – and watch how the game proceeds.

One feels the silence between plays as well as the jovial camaraderie exchanged between these characters as they casually pass time. Much is implied about the simplicity and perhaps even hardships of their lives, but none of that matters right now; they are having fun – playing cards – upside down.

Juror ~ George Shadow:

Here we have two contrasting styles of Realist painting where both artists use chiaroscuro effectively to express tension and mystery.

Fret Not, Kay Kanayama's brushwork is sure and expressive, the mark of a strong mature style. The young woman stands in a lighted space, boots anchored in shadow suggesting cessation of movement. She looks upward into the light, empty hands at her sides in anxious anticipation of what? A decision, a blessing or benediction, or simply the next moment? The question hangs in the air giving the work tension and expectancy. An excellent painting.

Joe Krawczyk's
The Gift is a finely crafted study of light, space and enigma. His style is mature and exact, defining forms with delicate blends and glazes. One finds oneself in a room, sees the basket resting on the credenza top and wonders, "has the gift been removed? Or is the basket the gift?" A beautifully executed and well rendered painting of mystery.

Gallery Director's Choice

IQI - by Piotr Zygmunt
After working with every photo of artwork in the gallery, my decision was very difficult. I have so many favorites, but IQI simply resinated with me.

The face in the tree, the butterflies, the eyes; I found myself returning over and over again to see what else I would find hidden in the layers.

Juror ~ Carolina Rojas:

Entangled Passion - by Kim Mosley
For me this piece is very intimate. It shows a flowing form much like a body making a rapid swirl.

The choosing of this particular stone was a good decision since I would assume that carving it must have been a challenge. It seems to be well balanced even when seen from different sides.

The carving is impeccable and denotes incredible skills. The final form brings out the colors and textures which gives this piece its unique and fabulous appearance.

Art Director's Choice

Ray Hau makes a strong statement by presenting a faceless, anonymous and plastic human form moving forward into a void while leaving behind the trail of a warm and highly textured being made of natural and brilliantly colored materials. The name of the piece, Meta, gives the viewer much to consider. In becoming highly organized and specialized are we losing our identities as individuals and cultures? Is there some change or transformation that we are moving toward or leaving behind? Are we living as two people - one that has to keep up with the times and one that longs to live the simple life? Are we leaving ourselves behind? Meta is a strong piece that courageously, simply and poetically characterizes modern humanity.

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