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Fiber Arts Show 2012
June 15, 2012 - September 15, 2012
Best in Show - Nancy Dobson
Best in Show - Nancy Dobson,
Fluvial Force
Color and texture in "Fluvial Force" suggest not only the ancient powers of water and wind, but recent change as well, wrought by humanity. The rush and flow of change wash over the surface of the quilt, leaving the viewer in awe of its power. Dobson has used the fabric to its fullest, while allowing it to dictate its own story. Beautiful work! — Material ARTistry
Exhibit Finalists:

John Alita, Marianne Bender-Chevalley, Lauren Bryant,
John Cambre, Fenella Davies, Nancy Dobson, Jayne Gaskins, Clara Graves, Bozena Kaluga, Liz Kuny, Phillippa Lack,
Gay Lasher, Sandra Little, Laura Locke, Gwen Lowery,
Barbara Olson, Alexanna Padilla Johnson, Catherine Parkinson,
Laura Pawson, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Elaine Quehl, Jeanne Sisson,
Tore Terrasi, Grietje van der Veen, Jo Wood, Roseline Young
1st Place: Phillippa Lack
Deconstructed Ice Cube

I am always drawn to three dimensional fiber pieces. Something soft and comforting made into something else: structural, cold, and evoking its opposite. Lack's use of the medium is creative and playful. Lovely.
— Jae McDonald
1st Place, Phillippa Lack
2nd Place, Elaine Quehl
2nd Place: Elaine Quehl
In The Act

To my eye, the close-cropped composition of "In the Act" evokes a mountainous landscape, full of sun-kissed peaks and dark, mysterious canyons, even featuring a switchback road or two. It creates a vast, green place one could get lost in. The light in this piece is perfect; the leaves glow as though lit from behind. The quilting stitches are very effective in both creating substantial depth and giving the whole quilt a sense of dynamic movement.
— Margot Lovinger
3rd Place, Fenella Davies

3rd Place: Fenella Davies
Night Drive to 1147E

I am drawn to the tension in this piece--of color, texture, shape and form--and to the narrative implied by the title. I find myself going back to it again and again, looking for a happy ending. — Janet Hiller

Founder's Choice: Tore Terrasi
In Grid Study (Organized)

In Grid Study (Organized) Tore Terrasi explores a traditional weave using a non traditional medium. Unlike natural materials which have been used for centuries, Terrasi ironically weaves a contemporary and compositionally timeless piece using 20th Century, man-made, and recycled microfilm. A strong and competent piece with a minimalistic and repetitive composition reflecting machine-like order contrasted by an organic sensibility of woven history, information, and language.  — Charly Swing
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