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Fiber Arts
Award Winners

Congratulations to these outstanding artists!

The jurors had a phenomenal group of artists and artwork to choose from, these represent the mastery and artistry of the fiber medium. Well done!

These award winners are from The Netherlands, Canada and 5 different states in the USA.

Please take your time and enjoy their work!
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Fiber Arts Award Winners Collage Image,
Mirjam Pet-Jacobs

Best in Show - Mirjam Pet-Jacobs

I love this piece! There is so much expression and body language in the simple figures and energy in the colors. The composition is wonderful—the single, white figure alone on the dark moody background, the colorful group of friends talking amongst themselves, and the transition figure, halfway between the two. The slightly tipped head and arm pointing to the group, says “Come Join Us.” The viewer can’t help but be drawn into the story. The technique is amazing with the multitude of textures, materials, colors, and layers, creating both visual and tactile depth, which heightens the contrast between sides. ~Juror - Diane Chaudiere

The background of
Come Join Us reminds me of the heavily graffitied and posted walls of a major city, a cacophony that calls for your attention. The crowd is gathered in this world, inviting an individual living in her own world to join them. I think it's interesting that this individual might disappear into the background if she joins the crowd, and maybe that is the reason for her hesitancy. Does one choose invisibility in the crowd or individuality in isolation? I was intrigued by the techniques in this piece. The sheer number of things Pet-Jacobs does to achieve her look is astounding. She silk-screens, paints, collages, dyes and stitches her fibers to achieve the complexity of color and texture. One word: Wow! ~Juror - Jae McDonald

With a unique voice, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs successfully portrays a social situation in a metaphorical manner. Her beautiful play of colors and light result in an elegant and powerful stage for her simple human figures and the message she sends to the viewers. One word: EXQUISITE, summarizes Pet-Jacobs’ design, color composition, fabric manipulation, and content in
Come Join Us. ~Juror - Hilde Morin

Whitney Sharpe

1st Place -
Whitney Sharpe

Lace Portrait - Vass is captivating, both with the mastery of technique and the emotion portrayed in the model. At close view, I am fascinated with the layering and careful placement of a limited palette of lace, and how Sharpe has used them to create shadows and highlights, then to pull back to see them converge into a distinct female portrait. The woman has mystery and confidence in her expression, with her slightly lifted chin and alert eyes gazing off into the distance. It draws me in, yet leaves me wondering what she is thinking about. It is incredible!
~Juror - Diane Chaudiere
Trisha Hassler

2nd Place -
Trisha Hassler

Perfection is what comes to mind when I see Trisha Hassler’s fabric and metal interplay in So Tell Me Again Why We Need All This Stuff Anyway. With her use of manipulated steel, and fabric that mimics the texture and patterns of rusted metal, she achieves a beautiful dialog between the two mediums. Not only is the overall presence of the metal-fabric symbiosis of great taste, but so is her intricate and perfectly executed detail work to connect the two. Her elegant composition is very capturing and her unique details invite for much discovery.
~Juror - Hilde Morin

Helga Schulte-Schroeer

3rd Place -
Helga Schulte-Schroeer

I love the starkness of Tree In Half by Helga Schulte-Schroeer. The softness of the medium contrasts with the stone-like appearance of the surface. It brings to mind petroglyphs or petrified wood, ghosts of the distant past imagining what once was. Like swimmers and fish painted on a desert cliff evoke memories of a long-gone lake or ocean, this tree warns us of soon to be lost forests and towering giants embedded in memory and concrete only.
~Juror - Jae McDonald
Founder's Choice
John Cambre

John Combre works with beautifully raw fibers in his kozo titled Suna No Onna.  The mastery of this piece lies in the delicate hand and sensitivity of the artist who allows the materials to be so natural, and their relationship to be so balanced and simple, that the viewer could almost forget there was an artist involved its creation.  ~C. Swing

Director's Choice
Maggie Dillon

Maggie Dillon

Maggie Dillon's perfect blending of colors and fabric, along with the fading light reflected on the water, creates a melancholy and yet serene quality-inviting the viewer to ponder what the woman is thinking while sitting on the dock...On the Edge of Darkness.
J. Weismann

Director's Choice
Leslie Song

Leslie Song

I love Leslie Song's "re-interpretation" of Sleeping Beauty. The sleeping figure could be anyone of us - from the enslaved, the growing old, or just the exhausted. Asleep, we are off to dream land where our cares diminish and our fantasies set us free. To me, this piece speaks of that freedom.
~M. Hansen

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