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Figurative Expo 2011 Award Winners, Infinity Art Gallery

Figurative Expo 2011 Grand Opening

This year's Figurative Expo yielded extraordinary artwork from some outstanding artists.

40 finalists and award winners were selected from 136 pieces of artwork, from artists around the world.

Please take a moment to view these Award Winners below.

Best in Show, Figurative Expo 2011, Infinity Art Gallery
Best in Show - Kenneth Browne

"Rosey la Rouge"
is a balanced work of art with a classical composition determined by the main figure and color. Overall the painting is created with gray tones contrasted by red points of color that clearly mark a perfect pyramidal composition that steers the viewer’s focus toward the face of the protagonist. The atypical expression gives a strong contemporary feel to the work while making the subject matter thematically interesting and original with a judicious use of technical resources that will undoubtedly captivate the eye of the beholder. ~Juror - Alberto Piedra Fernández

I enjoy the lines in this painting the most, coupled with the detail of the boots and the touch of yellow under the tutu. Anytime a painting hints to contradiction adds a nice sense of depth, and this painting whispers a beautiful contradiction with the sitting position of the figure and those lines in the costume suggesting anything but stillness. A nice handle on your medium. Congratulations, it's a very fun painting!
~Juror - Marcella Gillenwater

The pose is wonderful, the figure beautifully placed in the frame and the subject is fun, intriguing, and wonderfully painted. My eye is immediately drawn in by the vivid magentas and intricate patterns, which play beautifully against the simple, somber background of blues and browns. Rosey La Rouge sits, sculpted in light, her sadness staring at me– and I want to stare back. ~Juror - Ed Rubin

1st Place Figurative Expo 2011, Infinity Art Gallery

1st Place - Terra Chapman

In "The Slave" the human figure is shown in a very classical pose, and drawn with great detail and anatomical correction. The use of color is rich in nuances and the light treatment is theatrical. Very interestingly, the Caravaggio style is achieved through chiaroscuro to guide the viewer toward the obvious focal point of the work - the Torso. This piece is equally impeccable at the technical level with the multiple glazes and transparencies, the visual play between open/closed figure, focus, proper handling of the relationship between space and the edges, the richness in color, range of values, details, and sometimes subtle handling of the volumes ... It is therefore a work with a very good level of representation and realism.~Juror - Alberto Piedra Fernández

2nd Place, Figurative Expo 2011, Infinity Art Gallery
2nd Place - Patricia Schappler

Patricia Schappler’s "Within This Garden" is a stunning work of art. Technically, it is flawless: the figures are beautifully proportioned, the composition is carefully and intelligently thought out, and the graphite linework, shading, and shadowing are exquisite. Beyond the rhythmic technique, this piece simply reaches out and grabs me, demanding that I study these individuals who, within this garden, are bound together by something bigger than themselves. What is it? My answer changes each time, and that is the genius of Schappler’s work. ~Juror - Ed Rubin
3rd Place Figurative Expo 2011, Infinity Art Gallery

3rd Place - Dion Pollard

The "Tree of Knowledge" calls for a sense of strong boldness from the artist. The movement is brilliant! I enjoy the harmony of the ripples throughout the painting, yet the straight edges of the books allow for a balance of interesting energy. The warmth and vibrant colors are in a nice measurement with the cools. This painting makes me want to jump in and pick up a book. Congratulations on a great work of art which screams for a wonderful movement in this world! ~Juror - Marcella Gillenwater

Founder's Choice
A M Clark

What captures the viewers' attention may be the bare chested hunk-of-a-guy in this image titled "Nate" or it may be the engagingly introspective eyes that pull you in, but keep looking......the beauty of A M Clark's photograph lies in the silent story the figure tells the viewer who subtly awakens to Nate's struggles.......then circles back to those eyes and revisits the confident composure of the figure to see courage and personal integrity.
~C. Swing

Director's Choice
Michael Kruzich

Sylvester takes me back to the 80's while living in the Bay Area-dancing, partying, watching the drag shows. The 80's was also a time of devastating loss of so many of my friends and wonderful men to AIDS. Kruzich's memorial to Sylvester is simply beautiful. His mosaic work and detail is exquisite. This piece brings joy to my heart.
Thank you!
J. Weismann

Director's Choice
Catherine Roberts Leach

What caught my attention with "In Shadow 1" is the emptiness. It draws you in, you wonder what use to be this woman's bustling life, now only shadows of the past? One senses that this is a story told too many times. Is this a modern day still life of our economic downturn? of loss? Roberts Leach captures a moment that begs the question - What now?
~M. Hansen

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