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Photography Expo
Award Winners

Congratulations to these talented artists!

Award winners are from all over the world, Iceland, Singapore, Australia, France, and the United States.

Please take your time and enjoy their work!

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Photography Expo Award Winners
Agnieszka Sosnowska

Best in Show - Agnieszka Sosnowska

The title “Karolinka’s Swim” might suggest a scene of a carefree child enjoying their time in the water, but the image tells a different story. Agnieszka Sosnowska has captured this intimate moment that stimulates emotion and curiosity. The young girl’s mature stance and unabashed stare is captivating as it demands attention from the viewer. Her serious gaze is just as much of a contrast as the girl’s stark white shirt, towel and skin are against the dark forest behind her. The simplicity of her garments and the darkness that engulfs her draw the viewer back to her eyes, as it is her eyes that make the image and the story. Juror - Azarie Furlong

Jessica Caisse

1st Place -
Jessica Caisse

In “Janet”, Jessica Caisse lets us take our time and stare at what society might call this woman’s imperfections; her scars. These scars tell a story that we cannot fully understand but that we can appreciate. The muted cool colors in the background complemented by her warm skin tones passively invite us into the image. The woman, in her venerable state, accepts our stares and reveals her scars in confidence, willingly inviting us to gaze upon her marred body. Scars make us aware of our fragility and make us realize that we are all susceptible to them, even if they are unseen. Juror - Azarie Furlong
Jeremy Coleman

2nd Place -
Jeremy Coleman

"#10" is photographic in material but not necessarily recognizable as photography. The use of color, line and overall painterly quality, not typically found in photography makes this image especially interesting. Jeremy Coleman illustrates the idea of chance during the creative process. The tension between controlling the chemicals to create the artist’s vision and the natural chance in working with this medium is palpable in this image. How much of this art form is controlled and how much if left to chance? Juror - Azarie Furlong

Shyan Tan

3rd Place -
Shyan Tan

Shyan Tan gives us the perspective of a distressed elderly woman in the poignant image “Forgotten Faces #1”. This haunting image wells up emotions of chaos, fear, rejection and depression. The visible motion created in the image both conveys tension and confusion for all the subjects. Adding to the complexity of the image is the text being noted by the artist as another element of emotion. Text along with imagery can be tricky but Shyan Tan has successfully combined them to strengthen the effect of this moving moment. Juror - Azarie Furlong
Founder's Choice
Vahe Peroomian

"Waddesdon Trees"
Commanding - Majestic - Dramatic - Austere - Surreal.
~C. Swing

Director's Choice
Eleonora Campofiorito

Sliding Doors captures a moment that is sadly universal. We move about with each other every day, yet we don't engage, we keep our distance, occupied in our own world.
~J. Weismann

Director's Choice
Joe Calleri

"It's all good and natural"
I adore the contradiction of the clean lace parasol in the hands of these grimy Mad Max type guys. This piece reminds us that ordinary life isn't always "normal." Sometimes, and
I would say most often, life is, well... pretty messy!
~M. Hansen

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