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Winter Expo 2012
Award Winners
January 15, 2013 - April 13, 2013

Best in Show - Leila Namin, Imagine, Winter Expo 2012, Infinity Art Gallery

Best in Show
Leila Namin
60” x 36”
Wonderfully expressive and dramatic. Everything worked for me, from the illustrative style, balance, color, texture and the faces; seen and unseen. It leaves me wanting more and I keep coming back to it, finding different ways to interpret the piece each time.

— Juror: Beverly Soasey

Exhibit Finalists:

Carol Alleman, Gerald Barnes, Maryann Buchanan,
Lanre Buraimoh, Peter Chamberlain, Donna Cox,
Amy Donaldson, MM Dupay, Susan Fecho, José M. Gómez-Ros, John Griggs, Darren Hepburn, Josh Higginbotham, Paul Hitchen, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, Jitul Khakhlary, Victoria Lafranchise, Gay Lasher, Jurga Luca, Maya Just Maya, Leila Namin,
Jim Pearson, Donna Pfeffer, David Quinn, Melanie Rothman, Peter Schachter, Rod Seeley, Chuck Sharbaugh, Bruce Shores, Hi Stockwell, Tatiana Sveshnikova, Rebecca Tiano,
William Turner, Matthew Tyree, Mary Wahr, Collin Ward
2nd Place Award:
Jurga Luca
Danse Macadre
20” x 30”

I was drawn in to the mysterious aspect of this piece...the mood in which it invoked. What you see in shadow and in the light are each as important. The color and balance...perfect. The story is intriguing and invokes a variety of feelings and emotions. I liked what I don’t get to know about this piece, as much as what
I do know.
— Juror: Beverly Soasey
2nd Place Award: Jurga Luca, Danse Macabres, Winter Expo 2012, Infinity Art Gallery
3rd Place: Susan Fecho, The Old Shed, Winter Expo 2012, Infinity Art Gallery
3rd Place Award:
Susan Fecho
The Old Shed
18” x 36”

There is a dream like story here, a memory, a hint of the past, and perhaps the future. I was drawn in by the simple gesture of line and washes of ink, just enough to create the contrast and keep me interested.

— Juror: Beverly Soasey

Founder's Choice Award:
Chuck Sharbaugh

A masterfully crafted and conceived work of art. Chuck Sharbaugh's architectural furniture is a metaphor for the human story; an intricate structure of combined religious and political symbols and forms contains, and often hides, a complex internal story of ingenuity and power.

—Founder, Charly Swing

Director's Choice Award:
Melanie Rothman

Melanie Rothman masterfully captures the ugly face of hatred. Viewing "Revelations" is simultaneously uncomfortable and compelling.
My eye is drawn to the snarling nose and the downcast eyes -- one in shadow hinting at potential violence.
I don't want to see this face. I want to turn away and pretend this hatred doesn't exist.

— Gallery Director, Julie Weismann

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